• Piri

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    A Portuguese-style red chile sauce that opens with salted citrus across the palate, giving way to a delightfully simple profile that scores a direct hit of chile from nose to tail, enhancing and exciting whatever food it’s on. The Piri experience finishes with a residual, powdery burn that can inspire both grace and pain, sometimes simultaneously.  The overall character of this fiery red exists on two central planes, both orientated toward a symbolic, sun-like presence that can brighten a room while revealing important aspects of one’s cuisine on a Tripsian altar of sweet agony, an altar of exquisite purple, presenting like a dying burst of oxygen-starved blood against the metaphorical windshield of post-modern life here in the jungle of our hearts. 

    Ingredients: White wine vinegar, onion, chile peppers, roasted tomato, lemon juice, salt, cane sugar, spices, citric acid, xanthan gum

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